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The planning, design and construction of any recreation or community space represents a major component in the lifestyle and wellness of a community. Consequently, it must respond to a set of needs that are articulated by the community it serves. It is then, an integral or core component of some form of vision. Our design team believe that, whenever possible, public spaces and recreation facilities should be a direct response to what a community is saying; it should also fit into a master plan for providing facilities, programs and services.

Facilities should be designed around a social heart. In our view, it is essential that users and visitors alike are afforded the opportunity to interact and enjoy the company of one another whilst being at the centre of activity. Flexible and well planned viewing opportunities should be incorporated in every facility to allow for competitive swim meets. Designed for the user, not as a monument, recreation and community facilities should be tasteful, exciting, easily managed and planned accordingly; not pretentious, but certainly a practical and welcoming place to be. Exteriors and interiors should be welcoming, inviting and provide comfortable places of community interaction.


Private development of commercial and residential projects has been one of the firm’s strengths over the years, many successful buildings in the Greater Victoria area, on Vancouver Island, and throughout British Columbia attest to this fact. Respecting the clients budget, schedule, and design vision is the basis of all the projects undertaken by the mixed-use design team at VDA.

By maintaining an aesthetically pleasing yet economic architectural style, the firm is able to instil practicality, creativity, excitement, innovation, and exceptional value into the overall content of any project with which they are involved.