Resource and material sustainability are important design elements; energy, water and material usage and the facilities impact on human and environmental wellness need to be addressed. Issues around building life cycle, operations and maintenance need to weighed against costs for a balanced outcome.

Our approach to sustainable design includes addressing issues such as:

Consideration of both passive and active design elements to produce environmentally responsible building solutions.

Well designed and efficient systems and building envelope to reduce heating, cooling and water usage.

Consideration of building siting to minimize impact to the site and reduction of hard surfaces while maximizing natural cooling, heating and light opportunities.

The use of multipurpose and shared facilities to reduce space requirements.

Use of sustainable environmentally preferable materials.

Our extensive experience tells us that community, recreation and  aquatic centres tend to be energy intensive buildings. For this reason it is vital the design team are experienced with the principles of green design. The VDA team is one such team.  We utilize as many of the principles of Green Building development as possible, within the limits of the budget to achieve as high a LEED certification level as possible. The design team holds workshops to review green initiatives, desirability and level of certification and to review the latest in green building systems.