VDA has always taken energy efficiency seriously, even prior to the current focus on sustainable design.  The reason is simple:  To be able to provide structures that the owner could afford to operate, energy costs had to be minimized.  What originally was an operational cost concern has refocused to become a concern not only for costs but the impact on global warming as well as the health and well-being of the patrons who use the facility.

Recently completed VDA projects that have obtained LEED, ASHRAE, or other significant conservation standards include:

  • Terwillagar Recreation Centre 50m aquatic facility – LEED Silver Certification
  • Richardson Recreation and Wellness Centre 25m Aquatic Centre – designed to meet LEED Silver Certification
  • Midtown Court Office Tower – LEED Gold Certification
  • City Centre Sportsplex NHL arena facility – ASHRAE Technology Award
  • Cowichan Aquatic Centre 25m aquatic facility – ASHRAE Technology Award
  • Creston Aquatic Centre 25m aquatic facility – two Fortis BC Power Sense Awards for Conservation Excellence