Combined Lap and Leisure Pools

Many communities find this a creative way to provide their residents with a state-of-the-art aquatic facility. Many smaller communities do not want or need a large aquatic centre or they are working within a tight budget. The combination of lap and leisure pool provides the best of both worlds… the fun of a leisure pool and the training/fitness use of a lap pool, while reducing construction and operating costs. Careful site planning and design can leave open the option for addition of a separate lap pool as need increases and funds allow.

These facilities can still have all the features of a larger aquatic centre; waterslide, lazy river, vortex, bubble pit, tots pool, swirl pool, steam room, sauna, sprays, change rooms and a snack bar and sitting area, but are contained in a smaller more efficient footprint.

A partial list of Combined Lap/Leisure Pool projects the VDA design team has undertaken includes: