Water Parks and Outdoor Pools

Recreation tourism is a rapidly growing industry. Whether it is thermal springs, a spa providing hydro therapy, or splash parks, people are looking for fun and relaxing ways to spend their leisure time. Somewhere they can be with the family or retreat for some alone time.

Spas with plunge pools, river walks, massage sprays and much more are now being included with the more traditional spa offerings.

Spray parks that provide summer fun with water and splashing can be transformed into winter playgrounds with the inclusion of slab refrigeration.

A partial list of VDA designed Spas and Water Parks includes:

  • Bear Creek Outdoor Pool

  • Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve

  • Kingfisher Spa

  • Miette Hotsprings

  • Marysville Outdoor Pool, Fredericton, NB

  • Henry Park Outdoor Pool, Fredericton, NB

  • Queen Elizabeth Water Park, Edmonton, AB