Spray Hill Sawmills Family Sports Centre

Warm water therapy has a wide variety of applications and benefits for rehabilitation, therapy and treatment. The warmth, buoyancy and resistance in a warm water therapy pool can help in a wide variety of ways.

The aquatic expansion to the Cochrane Aquatic Centre is a first class aquatic centre focusing on the entire community and family.  Competitive swimmers, recreational users and those seeking the benefits of warm water therapy will all find great pleasure in this facility.  Through careful design and working closely with all of the user groups in the Steering Committee,  all pool tanks and all other aquatic areas have been carefully considered to offer the best in their primary function as well as endless other programming opportunities.  Providing increased flexibility with multiple programming opportunities will encourage a wide range of patrons and have something for everyone to enjoy.
The success of the feasibility study resulted in the project going forward with VDA working with Stantec on the completion of the project sure to be a huge benefit to the local community.

This facility is home to the first dedicated warm water therapy pool in a community recreation centre.